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Kill the crowd pleaser, the glorified mouth breather
tentacle teaser, the hedge fund feeder
Fuck the over achiever, the reward receiver
boogey man believer, the desperate deceiver
I wield my words like weaponry,
choke out the world and carve out my own fucking destiny
I see the youth so doomed to repeat history,
bloated from binging on regurgitated bigotry

They curl up tight and die...
like maggots nursing on congealed corpses idolized
They whine, they beg, they cry...
squealing, "gimme,gimme,gimme gifts cause I'm alive"

Kill the A-listers with their red carpet blisters
Kill the fame fisters and the Kardashian sisters
Fuck your formalities, your scripted realities
millennial apathy, designer dreams
I stand my ground in solidarity,
spit in the faces of the moralless majority
Their racist tendencies, their mass misogyny,
the mindless hate they have for homosexuality

We curl up tight and die...
like newly caged creatures pissing petrified
We whine, we beg, we cry...
gasping, "gimme,gimme,gimme some way to survive"

I'm a well oiled war machine,
I bathe in blood and burn like gasoline
But I'm not on your team,
I've got a pipe bomb for a pipe dream.
They're eating lies from the Wolf's lips,
pealed back over taut teeth...Repeat:
Lucky, lucky me curled up in quarantine,
hiding from your idea of society
I can't relate, I'm too irate, stuck in a rabid state
your dream of peace is obsolete, time to embrace your fate
You're eating lies from the Wolf's lips,
pealed back over taut teeth, repeating:
Lucky, lucky me...curled up in quarantine...
Lucky, lucky me...I don't believe in your idea of society.


from More Lipstick for the Punks!, released April 4, 2015



all rights reserved


The Excrementals New Haven, Connecticut

Four piece snotty ass punk band from Elm City, CT.
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call our moms and dads.

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